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This site shows a video of driving on Japanese highways. You can learn about the various landscapes of Japan.

Driving Video of Shigi Ikoma Skyline
This is a driving video of driving on the Nobiki Ikoma Skyline in Nara. The route is from the trailhead of Shi […]
Drive around the Hanshin Expressway Loop Route
This is a driving video of a loop of the Hanshin Expressway Loop Road (No.1) in Osaka. The route is from Korai […]
Driving course around Osaka
This is a driving video of a drive around the middle of Osaka Prefecture on an expressway. The route starts at […]
From Kansai International Airport to Wakayama
This is a video of driving from Kansai International Airport to Wakayama. The route is from Kansai Internation […]
This is a driving video from Umeda to Kansai International Airport. The route is from Umeda on the Ikeda Line […]
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