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Modern Japanese Apartments

When I first moved to Japan I was fascinated by the modern apartments. Many buildings in Japan and older apartments were small and cramped and made up of a number of smaller rooms. Today however modern Japanese apartments are far more open concept and modern. A modern Japanese apartment would normally take up about 50 square meters to 80 square meters for a modern bachelors apartment or two modern person apartment.

Older apartments in Japan are measured using a unit called a Joo which is roughly 1.6 square meters. Modern Japanese apartments in Japan are measured using meters squared.

In the west the price of a modern apartment deteriorates over the life of the building however in Japan this process is accelerated and apartment value deteriorates faster. A typical Modern Apartment in Japan might decrease in value by as much as 50% over the first decade.

Traditional Japanese furniture was made of wood and often low to the ground as most recreation time was spent sitting on the floor around a table. Today however Modern Japanese apartments have modern furniture (as seen by Ikea venturing into Japan a second time in recent years). Traditional Japanese apartments also had Tatami matts, a kind of wicker mat which was used to tile the floor of a house. These matts are 1.6 meters square and equivilent to 1 Joo as mentioned earlier. Modern Japanese Apartments often have tiled or hard wood floors.

Coming from North America I can see reasons for owning both a modern Japanese apartment and a traditional Japanese apartment. For this very reason I am always interested to see the hybrid style apartments which incorporated a Traditional style Japanese room with traditional style furniture into a modern Japanese style apartment.

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