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Osaka Castle Apartment


At our Osaka Castle Apartment you can stay affordably in the northern end of Osaka city, in the privacy and convenience of Umeda Apartment. There is one available room in this apartment can be either configured as single or twin rooms depending on your booking requirements. Upon your arrival our staff will be available to meet you at the nearest station, and show you around so you can make the most of your stay.

Here’s a short list of just some of the benefits our apartments offer.

  • Free internet, microwaves, fridge, air-conditioning and laundry.
  • Furnished with tables, desk, as well as dishes and cutlery.
  • Kitchen and living space so you can prepare your own food.
  • Storage space for large items.
  • Personal key and no curfews, so you can come and go at your own convenience.
  • 3 minute walk from Tanimachi 4 chome Subway Station.
  • 10 minute walk to Keihan Temmabashi station with access to Kyoto
  • 10 minute walk to Osaka Castle Park and adjacent National History Museum.
  • Nearby supermarket, 100 yen store, international and Japanese restaurants.

Osaka Castle Area

Osaka Castle is located south East of Umeda and North East of Namba. Surrounding the castle is one of the largest parks in Osaka City. During the Spring season visitors can see many plum blossoms and cherry blossoms in Osaka Castle park. A short walk down the river to the north of Osaka Castle is also especially beautiful at this time of year, and The Osaka Mint as the most exquisit collection of Japanese cherry blossoms in the region.

Osaka Castle sits in the center of the park, sits atop a virtual man made mountain after crossing 2 series of moats. Inside Osaka Castle visitors have the opportunity to learn about the regions history and see numerous Japanese artifacts. If you are particular interested in Japanese history you can also visit the Japanese National History museum which is accessibly from the NHK building to the south west of Osaka Castle Park.

If history isn’t your thing, you can also hop on the Chuo train line and travel East to visit Osakako which is home to Kayukan Japan’s largest aquarium. Or take the train West to visit Nara.

If you are interested in shopping, a 15 minute walk will bring you to the Northern most end of the Shinsaibashi shopping Shotengai from where you can walk south into Namba the heart of the shopping district.

Alternatively if you want to travel to Kyoto a 10 minute walk north to the Keihan tain line will give you direct access to Kyoto via express trains.

After a day of adventuring the area has a number of local bars and restaurants specializing in both international and Japanese cuisine. Or if you prefer to stay out late at night clubs a taxi ride back from Namba will cost somewhere around 1000 yen.


3 rooms between two apartments in same building (private or twin in any room)



osaka castle apartment map Osaka Castle ApartmentView Larger Map


Uchihonmachi 2 chome 2-2-14-1208, Chuo Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan

Meeting Locations

Tanimachi 4 chome Subway Station Exit 3


GD Star Rating

  1. Liz Anders Says:

    owner was really friendly and offered to enroll me in japanese and karate lessons. also invited me to some festivals where we tried lots of different food. the apartment had all the facilities expected and the prices was right. recommended for people who are staying only for a couple of weeks and want the most flexibility.

  2. Peter Says:

    I stayed here for 3 months in the summer. It was really convenient because you could goto Umeda or Namba by bicycle and coming back at night by taxi was only 1000 yen or a 20 minute walk. It also came with a computer for internet and laundry facilities as well as cooking facilities. The landlord was also very friendly and helpful. He offered to help me get a telephone and take me to some festivals. I really think the picture he posted is only of one room the other room is much nicer. Hey should post pictures of the nicer room.

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