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Staying in an Apartment is a great way to live or visit Osaka Japan. When looking for an apartment for a short holiday or for a long stay in Osaka Japan there are a few key things to consider.

  • Do you need a gaijin card (foreigner id) before you can sign an apartment lease
  • Do I need to pay reikin (key money) for the apartment
  • How well does the apartments landlord speak English
  • Is the apartments minimum contract period short or long
  • Is the apartment furnished
  • What if any utilities included in the apartments rent

Apartments Without Gaijin Card In Osaka Japan

When moving to Osaka Japan the first then you will need is an apartment to stay. However many apartment agencies in Osaka Japan require a gaijin card, this is problematic because you can’t get a gaijin card until you have an address. Our company is flexible in this regard, and we accept many forms of identification when staying in our apartments. We even offer help when getting your gaijin card at the office near your apartment.

osaka japan apartment small 300x225 Apartments

This image is of one of our smaller apartment rooms in Osaka Japan

No Key Money Osaka Japan Apartments

You are probably used to paying a monthly deposit when you sign an apartment lease, however don’t be fooled in Japan. Often times the money you are requested to pay when you sign for an apartment is called reiken or key money. This money is not a deposit for your apartment or the furniture it is a gratuity and will NOT be refunded. We don’t believe the practice of charging key money is good business. In fact you will only be required to provide a deposit when renting a private apartment on a long term contract.

osaka japan apartment medium desk 150x150 Apartments

This is one of the desks found in our medium sized apartments in Osaka Japan

osaka japan apartment medium bed 150x150 Apartments

This is the bed in one of our medium sized apartments in Osaka Japan

English Speaking Staff in Osaka Japan

Imagine your water were to stop working in your apartment, or your apartments fridge acts up. Assuming your not fluent in Japanese and your in Osaka Japan you would be left in a difficult situation trying to communicate to schedule a repair at your apartment. Or what if your apartment payment will be slightly late. We know it’s important to be able to communicate effectively about these matters. We want to make your stay in Osaka Japan at our apartments as pleasant as possible and keep all our guests informed about building maintenance and local cultural events.

Short Term and Long Term Apartment Contracts In Osaka Japan

We recognize that people come to Osaka Japan for different reasons, and for different periods, but want to rent an apartment. Whether your visit is limited by your visa or activities we are very flexible when renting apartments. We offer daily, weekly and monthly apartment rental rates as well as flexible contract lengths. We don’t believe anyone deserves to get stuck with a 1 year apartment contract when only staying in Osaka Japan for 10 months.

osaka japan apartment large 300x225 Apartments

This is one of our larger apartments in Osaka Japan

Furnished Apartments to Live In Osaka Japan

When renting our apartments in Osaka Japan you have the option of complimentary furniture. This includes a bed (with real matress), desk and chair as well as all kitchen appliances and a TV. If you wish to bring or buy your own furniture at a later date to your apartment we will remove the furniture you no longer need.

Utilities and Internet Included for Short Stays in Osaka Japan Apartments

When renting an apartment in Osaka Japan on a daily or weekly basis all utilities and internet are included. When renting an apartment on a monthly basis utilities will be charged additional to the rental rate.

Interested in Renting Our Apartments In Osaka Japan

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